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Axiis Liion Supermoto Breaks Cover With An ‘Electrifying’ 134 Horses!

A bike that promises to be a riot on the track while preserving the environment as well - someone pinch us already!

Portuguese firm Axiis Engineering, which specializes in aftermarket CNC parts for ICE off-road motorcycles, has gone the EV route and has unveiled its first electric motorcycle, called the Liion.

This is a prototype, though, and is currently still in the latter stages of testing. Nevertheless, judging from what’s claimed, this is possibly the most bonkers electric motorcycle you’ve come across. Why you may ask? Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to touch upon.

Axiis Liion Design

Axiis Liion Supermoto Breaks Cover With An ‘Electrifying' 134 Horses!
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Supermotard bikes are very to-the-point machines and barely feature any bodywork. And, the Axiis Liion is no different.

The exposed carbon fiber bodywork is a thing of beauty in itself

But, whatever bodywork (the front mudguard, the body, and the tail section) there is, it’s all made of…you guessed it, carbon fiber. And, since this is a prototype, there are no graphics or even manufacturer stickers. We aren’t complaining though, as bare carbon fiber is in itself a thing of beauty.

Axiis Liion Supermoto Breaks Cover With An ‘Electrifying' 134 Horses!
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Being a supermoto bike, there’s barely any bodywork. And whatever there is, it’s all made from carbon fibre

Complementing the stealthy bodywork are milled CNC parts all around. Everything – the aluminium chassis, the single-sided swingarm, and the closed battery pack – is built by a CNC machine and carefully placed to create this thing of beauty. Considering the company’s history in CNC machining, this was probably a piece of cake for them.

And, as a result of all these lightweight parts, the Axiis Liion weighs JUST 133kg, which, coupled to its power output, is nothing short of manic.

Axiis Liion Battery & Power

Axiis Liion Supermoto Breaks Cover With An ‘Electrifying' 134 Horses!
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As for power, the bike uses a 12kWh battery and boasts a power out of 134HP and 720Nm

Speaking of power output, the Axiis Liion uses a 12kWh battery pack which helps the motor produce a massive 134HP and 720Nm (at the wheel), the latter being over six times more than the Ducati Panigale V4R. Let that sink in!

How this corresponds in the real world, though, remains to be seen as Axiis hasn’t shed a light on either the acceleration numbers or the range of the bike. The claimed top speed, however, is said to be 200kmph.

Axiis Liion Underpinnings

Axiis Liion Supermoto Breaks Cover With An ‘Electrifying' 134 Horses!
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Further, all the metal parts like the chassis and the battery case are all made by CNC machines

Like the other aspects of the bike, the underpinnings are quite impressive and upmarket too.

The bike uses a chunky WP USD fork at the front (with 209mm travel) and a top-notch Ohlins TTX mono-shock at the rear (with 190mm travel).

Axiis Liion Supermoto Breaks Cover With An ‘Electrifying' 134 Horses!
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The suspension is equally impressive, featuring WP USD forks and an Ohlins TTX monoshock

Meanwhile, the braking setup is equally premium, with a petal disc up front, clamped by a Brembo caliper. Besides, the bike also gets toothed footpegs to offer maximum grip while you go gaga on the track.

How To Buy One?

As mentioned above, this is a prototype motorcycle, meaning it isn’t on sale at the moment. However, you can visit the company’s website and hit them up for a product timeline.

Or, if you’re just interested in the product and want to see how it pans out, you can also invest in the project and lend a helping hand to the company.

Axiis Liion Specifications

Battery 12kWh
Power 134HP
Torque 720Nm (at the wheel)
Front suspension WP USD Forks
Rear suspension Ohlins TTX monoshock
Front brake Petal disc with Brembo caliper
Claimed top speed 200kmph
Weight 133kg
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