• Baboons Snow Speedhill powered by BMW Motorrad

    2006 Baboons Snow Speedhill powered by BMW Motorrad
  • 2006 Baboons Snow Speedhill powered by BMW Motorrad
  • 2006 Baboons Snow Speedhill powered by BMW Motorrad
  • 2006 Baboons Snow Speedhill powered by BMW Motorrad

BMW Motorrad surprised many people last year by becoming the main sponsor of a motorcycle race on snow up a mountainside, where 60 riders competed to see who was fastest up an 800-metre ski run. Known as the ’Baboons Snow Speedhill powered by BMW Motorrad’ event, it was a massive success and around 2,000 spectators are expected to return to the Götschen Ski Centre in the southern Bavarian resort of Bischofswiesen next month to see the action unfold again.

The event, which takes place on Saturday 10 March, is open to all riders on series production enduro and motocross bikes that fancy their chances of participating in this sprint contest up a ski slope. The rules are quite simple: there no snow chains, spikes or studded tyres allowed, so it will be down to the rider’s ability, bravery and throttle control to take him or her faster up the mountain than anyone else. Finding the right combination of power and grip will naturally be essential for success.

Last year, official BMW Motorrad rider Simo Kirssi took his HP2 Enduro to victory in the first ever competition. The ’flying Finn’ beat world-class competitors on various enduros and motocross bikes to take the title. Kirssi is unable to ride at this year’s event but Chris Pfeiffer and Gerhard Forster will be flying the flag for BMW Motorrad. Forster finished second last year and Chris Pfeiffer came home in sixth place after making contact with Kirssi in the early stages of the final race. The 36-year-old is hoping to make amends and win the 2007 event on an HP2 Enduro.

"I’m really looking forwards to returning to race in the Snow Speedhill," said Chris. "I know exactly what to expect from last year and can’t wait to unleash the power of the HP2 Enduro on the snow. In my opinion, this bike will give you the best chance of victory, providing you have the right tyres and are used to riding on snow. The piste is quite wide, so even if you don’t get the ’holeshot’ you still have a chance to catch up and win. Last year, there was so much snow and the piste was re-prepared after every stage, but I’ve heard they are going to make things more difficult this year, especially in the final."

In addition to Chris and Gerhard, several of BMW Motorrad’s off-road training instructors will also be racing - either on HP2 Enduros or the new G 650 Xchallenge. A selection of international motorcycle journalists have also been invited to try their luck on the 800-metre long ski slope, which will be illuminated by floodlights and lined with spectators (who have free entry to this unique motorcycling challenge).

Race fees for the Snow Speedhill sprint are just 69 euros and practice will start at 17.30, followed by qualifying and then the actual races. This will see the field slowly eliminated from 60 riders down to just six for the grand final. This is expected to take place at around 2315, after which there will be a party into the night.

More information about the Snow Speedhill event (such as regulations, technical requirements, race programme and directions to the area) can be found by visiting the www.snow-speedhill.com website.

Baboons Snow Speedhill powered by BMW Motorrad
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2006 Baboons Snow Speedhill powered by BMW Motorrad

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