There’s no shortage of interesting news coming out of Bell these days. Anytime there’s something relevant about helmets making the news, somehow it seems like Bell finds a way to be involved in it.

Recently, the renowned helmet manufacturer’s high-tech Custom-Fit program has added new dates and motorcycle shows where riders can work on getting their helmets personalized. Even better news: Bell’s now offering a new helmet model to complement the Star Carbon full-face helmet, which was initially the only helmet model that can be personalized. Now, the company has also added the Moto-9 helmet, a light carbon premium helmet designed specifically for off-roading purposes.

Somewhere, I can already here motocross riders cheering with excitement.

The inclusion of the Moto-9 helmet is part of Bell’s bigger plan to put riders at the forefront of helmet customization. There’s no better way to do that than letting riders do it themselves, albeit with a little professional guidance, of course.

Bell’s Custom-Fit program is interesting in a lot of ways. For one, it allows riders to have their heads laser-scanned in order to obtain an accurate shape of the head that will later serve as a baseline in the development of the helmet’s EPS inner shell. With this method, riders won’t have to worry about finding a helmet that fits their head; these helmets already do that for them. That’s comfort you can’t buy.

The development of the EPS inner shell is important in ensuring the safety of the rider. It’a capability in absorbing shock energy brought about by traumatic collisions ensures that only a small amount of energy finds its way into the skull. That could be the difference between a rider who survives a potentially life-threatening crash from someone who doesn’t.

There are so many things about Bell’s Custom-Fit program that riders should really pay careful attention to. Be sure to check out the company’s schedule because you never know, program might be headed to a city near you.

Why it matters

Bell Adds New Helmet, New Dates to Custom-Fit Helmet Program
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This is your chance to acquire a helmet that can really do its job and save lives. You don’t always get an opportunity like this so when it comes, you better make the most out of it and take it.

That’s the real cool thing about Bell’s Custom-Fit helmet program. It’s really designed for the rider’s safety. The technology behind it ensures that riders who use Bell’s Custom-Fit program can really receive the best in helmet technology.

I write about this issue tirelessly and I’ll probably never get tired of stressing this issue enough. Helmet safety is important, especially for riders and bike passengers. Not only is it illegal to ride a bike without a helmet, but the potential threat of accidents should be enough to convince people to ride with a helmet.

It’s just that with Bell’s Custom-Fit program, you’re using a helmet that’s specifically designed for you, ensuring that you receive the maximum amount of safety whenever you hit the streets.

So like I said, keep a close eye on Bell’s Custom-FIt program schedule. It’s currently expanding its reach so if there’s a city near you that’s been added to the company’s calendar, it might be worth making a trip to see how the Custom-Fit program works for you.

Source: Bell Helmets

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