Italian company Benelli is yet to launch their 2ue 756 naked bike and conational Oberdan Bezzi has already imagined a flat-track ready version of the street-oriented bike and sees it competing in US flat track competitions. The Benelli 2 TechnoTracker would get the exact same engine as on the model still struggling towards production, meaning a 756cc parallel twin that is expected to deliver somewhere in between 90-100hp.

Engine performance aside, the aggressive design is most likely what determined Obiboi to get an early start with this one and his flat-track version looks ready to start its mud life, but Benelli would first have to sort things out with their own projects and then consider the design guru’s indeed cool racing concept bike. Never gonna happen? I say who knows…


Source: asphaltandrubber

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Rod  (825) posted on 03.19.2010

If this naked bike do happend is gonna be expensive.

Rod  (859) posted on 03.15.2010

It has a simple but cool touch. It’s not vintage at all but the bike look’s vintage but in a cool manner.

Rod  (325) posted on 03.9.2010

impressive indeed, can imagine how fast it can travel.

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