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Benelli was finding it difficult to locate its identity amidst the modern and competitive world, even more after it was acquired by a Chinese firm. But now, it seems like a thing of the past, more of a ‘myth’ one could say.

Benelli is trying to revive its fortunes by showcasing products designed by CentroStile Benelli and slowly helping their reputation get back to their original charm. But that is the problem.

They are not trying to build their own reputation, instead, they seem to take on cues from another Italian maker, Ducati.

Benelli's stand at EICMA was actually Ducati's Exterior
- image 745529

Benelli showcased a host of products at the EICMA last week, of which included commuter, naked, touring, cruiser and a retro model. Although they are better looking than the previous bikes, there is a lot of resemblance with the silhouettes similar to the Ducatis.

Were they pure coincidental? uh... highly unlikely I would say.

The most interesting of the lot was Benelli’s new naked streetfighter, the 752 S. It’s a 754cc twin that punches out 82 hp and 89 lb-ft of torque. Twin disc setup with four-piston calipers up front and a single disc at the rear handle the braking and is equipped with ABS.

Benelli's stand at EICMA was actually Ducati's Exterior
- image 745530
2017 - 2018 Ducati Monster 797 / 797 Plus
- image 698213
Benelli 754 s Ducati Monster 797

But that’s not why we are here, are we? A first glance should tell you that the 752 S resembles a lot like the Monster lineup from Ducati. The exposed frame, similar looking fuel tank, and the headlight design.

Then there was a cruiser model called as the 402 S. Powered by a 399cc motor, it belted 39 hp and 47 lb-ft of torque. The tank has a 4.3-gallon capacity "guaranteeing many kilometers of autonomy."

Benelli's stand at EICMA was actually Ducati's Exterior
- image 745533
2016 - 2018 Ducati XDiavel / XDiavel S
- image 695093
Benelli 402 S Ducati XDiavel

Don’t you see a Ducati Diavel in there? Of course, it’s not similar to the monstrous 1262cc 162 hp Testastretta powerplant, but when it comes to looks, it pretty much nails it to the ground. Even the color palette is visually similar.

Coming up next is the Ducati Scrambler clone called the Leoncino 500 Sport. It is powered by a 500cc twin that puts out 48 hp and 60 lb-ft of torque. It carries a retro-modern design language, and this Leoncino has got the same treatment by the fashion gurus at CentroStile Benelli.

Benelli's stand at EICMA was actually Ducati's Exterior
- image 745531
2018 Ducati Scrambler Mach 2.0
- image 734367
Benelli Leoncino 500 Sport Ducai Scrambler

Still, that curvy fuel tank, round headlight, stubby mudguard and floating tail section is just like that of the Scrambler from Ducati. Additionally, the Leoncino gets bikini fairings and dinky panniers.

Finally, its the TRK 251. A spinoff of the Multistrada range, this adventure model is an entry-level player that runs on a 249cc single cylinder making 26 hp and 28 lb-ft of torque.

Benelli's stand at EICMA was actually Ducati's Exterior
- image 745536
2014 - 2017 Ducati Multistrada 1200 / 1200 S
- image 737796
Benelli TRK 251 Ducati Multistada

Steel trellis frame, USD forks and floating 280mm disc with 4-piston calipers may not sound as healthy as the mighty Multistrada, but at least makes the compromise by the way it looks from the nose to the tail.

But we aren’t done here. There is one another motorcycle in the stands from Benelli, but that wasn’t any resemblance to anything from Ducati. What we have here is the classic old-school styled Imperiale 400.

Benelli's stand at EICMA was actually Ducati's Exterior
- image 745528
2014 Kawasaki W800 Exterior
- image 547497
Benelli Imperiale 400 Kawasaki W800

If you think that you have seen something like somewhere, you are not wrong. Remember the Kawasaki W800? That is exactly what this is.

Benelli, I know you are Chinese now, but I also know you could do a much better job than this.

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