Underpinned by the same mechanicals of the TNT 300

The 300cc category has had a condescending effect on the world’s motorcycle industry, and they got in the fresh breed of entry-level performance motorcycles to blaze the much needed thrilling experience to enthusiasts and purists. As was the TNT 300 and the Tornado 302, there is a new 302 Tourer that has begun treads on one automotive’s iconic names, Benelli.

Currently entering the Chinese space, the 302 tourer will be called as the Benelli BJ300GS and will come with upmarket equipment like the segment’s only dual disc brakes up front, USD suspension and a decent engine. Being a tourer, it will also come with both side and top panniers, windshield and more.

Benelli unveils a 302 based tourer in China Exterior
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Benelli was finding it difficult to locate its identity amidst the modern and competitive world, even more after a Chinese firm, Qianjiang acquired it. But now, it seems like a thing of the past. Benelli is trying to revive its fortunes by showcasing products designed by CentroStile Benelli and slowly helping their reputation get back to their original charm.

The Italian marquee, which after raking in some interesting numbers with its range of entry-level machines has come up with its third installment running the 300cc mill. The Benelli BJ300GS is more than just “a couple of panniers slapped” issue on the naked BN302(TNT300 in the USA). It is a fully-faired adventure tourer with tall windscreen, along with hard panniers and a top box, suitable for those inclined towards long distance touring.

Benelli unveils a 302 based tourer in China Exterior
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The BJ300GS inevitably manages to create a good first impression, with its subtle design and impressive specifications, yet it is still not that outrageous as compared to the bigger TRK 502 middleweight adventure tourer. Nevertheless, it manages to appear as a handsome looking motorcycle with its sizeable dimensions and perfectly styled body panels.

The BJ300GS is a twin cylinder, 300cc motorcycle that breathes with the same power mill that runs on the naked BN302. The engine pumps out some pretty impressive numbers – 38 hp @ 10000 rpm of maximum power and 20 lb-ft of maximum torque at 9000 rpm. Given its parallel twin layout, this fuel injected, liquid-cooled mill on the bike is refined and has a linear feel in its power delivery.

Benelli unveils a 302 based tourer in China Exterior
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Benelli unveils a 302 based tourer in China
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Benelli unveils a 302 based tourer in China
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Benelli unveils a 302 based tourer in China
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Benelli has equipped the BJ300GS with the best of hardware, which includes trellis frame, aluminum exhaust canister, 41mm inverted hydraulic telescopic forks at the front and centrally mounted preload adjustable mono-shock at the rear. The Tornado also becomes the first bike in its segment to be adorned with dual disc brakes in front, while a single disc brake finds its presence at the rear with a dual channel ABS setup.

With increasing focus on the adventure segment of motorcycles globally, Benelli certainly seems to want to tap into the entry-level touring segment with the 302 Tourer. Considering the fact that the tourer is based on the European spec BN302 (TNT 300), and is Euro IV compatible, there is no saying that Benelli wouldn’t bring this entry-level tourer onto this side of the pond or in any of the European land.

Benelli unveils a 302 based tourer in China Exterior
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Weather SSR Motorcycles (Benelli’s USA handler) will bring it here or not is a debate left for another day. Benelli feels that it might not be the best market for an entry-level tourer at the moment.

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