Just when we thought Honda finally had the best VFR recipe designer John Keogh laughs at the current production bike and brings in his own rendering towards what he apparently considers a great idea – combining the best of Honda’s Blackbird and VFR800 models. Claiming that the VFR1200’s designer Teofilo Plaza has canceled the engineering and styling features, Keogh fixes that with eight must-have features for a veritable VFR1200F. Please read about those after the jump.

John Keogh explains the crucial points that make, he claims, his rendering better than the production bike:

Best possible Honda VFR1200 rendering explained by designer Exterior
- image 340969

1. Larger front mudguard
“Offers more protection for brakes and forks and potentially better aerodynamics.”

2. Re-profiled mirrors
“Ever since the NR750 Honda have incorporated indicators in the mirrors but also included a large and heavy ‘double-skin’ for mirror adjustment. Why? Make them light, sleeker, less complex!”

3. Adjustable windscreen
“One that looks almost as cool when in the raised position – and moves with the bars so when you’re cruising you can one position and another for high-speed.”

4. Raised tank-cover storage
“Spare gloves, map-holder, toll-coins/pass, GPS system?”

5. Retractable grab-handles
“Is this so hard?”

6. Hidden pannier attachment
“See above – why does it need ugly frames and fixings. Panniers should tightly hug the rear wheel and match the lines of the bike not look like cheap suitcases.”

7. Sleeker exhaust
“Honda designers got too clever here with more triangles than a Pharaoh.”

8. Lower fairing protection for exhaust headers
“Ever cleaned a sportsbikes exhaust system after a British winter? The downpipes will be filthy, and the exhaust valve and header bolts and rings will be so corroded that they are likely the first things to fail on your precious steed. Yes it might be nice to see some of the mechanicals but if it’s to the detriment of component life or appearance then think again.”

Source: MCN

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Rod  (825) posted on 01.21.2010

This looks better than the current one great desing.smiley

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