On April 23, the City Council voted unanimously to define the start and finish of the rally after hearing from Charlie St. Clair, the executive director of the Laconia Motorcycle Week Association, that in 2008, June 1 falls on a Sunday, which means that the first weekend of the month does not constitute a full June weekend and due to a calendar irregularity, Bike Week 2008 would not end on Father’s Day as has been customary.

To hold the rally on the second and third weekends of June next year, and in that way to synchronize it with other motorcycle events taking place around the country, both before and afterward, Bike Week 2008 would have to run June 14-22.

Despite the fact that the council already accepted St. Clair’s explanation and the date change was widely disseminated, tonight at the council meeting the owners of Abakee Cottages on Lucerne Avenue, Annette and Bill Poirier, will ask the council to reverse itself.

Once the council approved the date change, the association has printed up and distributed more than 20,000 bumper stickers and also broadcast the change throughout the motorcycle community and Harley-Davidson, which set up a museum, demo rides and attractions in the City Hall parking lot during the 2007 rally, has also announced that it will be back during the June 14-22 time frame next year.

So, it seems like the date for 2008 will not change and Bike Week 2008 will definitely run June 14-22.

Bike Week 2008 to run June 14-22?
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Laconia Motorcycle Week

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