Efforts to repeal a state law requiring motorcycle riders to wear helmets are taking a new twist this year. Rather than take the helmet law off the books, opponents are trying to water it down.

HB2585 would allow bikers to forgo helmets on state scenic highways. On all other roads, police would be banned from stopping bikers for not wearing helmets.

They could only cite a cyclist for not wearing a helmet if he or she was stopped for another driving offense, such as speeding.

HB3077 would reduce the maximum $250 penalty for driving without a helmet to $25 and make it a civil offense that does not assess demerit points against the cyclist’s driving record.

Both bills passed the House Militia, Police and Public Safety Committee on Friday, which has approved several measures over the years that would have repealed the helmet law. Those efforts have never survived a vote in the full House of Delegates.

Source: hamptonroads.com/pilotonline

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