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The Crucible team heads to the world famos Bonneville Salt Flats to break the diesel motorcycle land speed record.

What do you think about biodiesel? Nothing new, it doesn’t go fast and it shouldn’t be in this section? Keep reading and you will surely change your opinion.

Die Moto is a custom build performance diesel motorcycle, capable of running on diesel, biodiesel or straight vegetable oil fuels. Designed and fabricated at The Crucible by a team of environmentally conscious vehicle enthusiasts, engineers and artisans, the Die Moto is out to prove the viability of alternative fuel technology in performance vehicles by heading to the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah in early September to shatter the existing diesel motorcycle world record of 105 mph and establish new land speed classes for both biodiesel and straight veggie oil.

The folks from the Oakland, California-based The Crucible will attempt to break the world speed record by trying to crank their machine up to 160 mph.

We can only wait and see but I believe that the bike constructed from a BMW motorcycle by replacing the motor with a high performance BMW automotive diesel engine has already proofed enough.

What do you think?
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