While it doesn’t exactly match the level of extravagance of the Dupai Police department, the Barcelona Police Department was the recipient of 30 BMW C Evolution maxi scooters from the German automaker, making it the first time the local police force in the Spanish city would be using electrically powered vehicles.

This is important for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is giving officers of the Barcelona PD an alternative vehicle to use for their everyday duties. That is an alternative that has had an increased importance in recent years because of the city’s growing acceptance of eco-friendly vehicles.

You can already see the transformation towards an more environment-friendly way of living throughout the city. The use of these electric scooters is just the latest step towards an environmental urban progression. It’s unclear how many of these electric maxi scooters BMW will end up delivering to the Barcelona police department, but I wouldn’t be surprised if more of these scooters are delivered to the police department in the coming months or years. After all, when you’re talking about a city as big as Barcelona, I reckon that you’re going to need more than 30 electric maxi scooters to patrol its busy streets.

BMW’s delivery of these bikes isn’t the only positive development coming out of Bavaria. On the business end, BMW Motorrad scored another impressive sales growth in the month of February. During that time, the German firm reported selling 9,195 motorcycles and scooters. That’s an impressive increase of 13.5 percent compared to the same time period a year ago. It’s a nice haul for BMW as it continues its sales ascendancy in 2015. In fact, the company’s sales volume for the first two months of the year has already hit 13,536 units, a number that according to the company’s head of sales and marketing Heiner Faust represents a 14.2 percent growth in sales volume in the first two months of 2015.

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Why it matters

Let’s start with the improved sales of motorcycles and scooters because that’s clearly one of the most important aspects of BMW’s business. 14.5 percent isn’t really that big of a growth number in the small picture. But taken together, it becomes a very important number for BMW as it continues to ramp up its line-up of motorcycles and scooter ahead of what it expects to be another record-breaking sales year for the company.

It’s hard to argue against the strategies BMW is employing to reach that number because whatever the company is doing, more and more customers are buying their bikes than ever before. That’s a good place to be in, especially for a company like BMW, which has put a lot of importance in sustaining the success of its motorcycle division. The improved sales number shows that the company’s doing a good job meeting and exceeding its own goals and objectives.

As far as the deliveries of the Electric Maxi Scooters are concerned, this could be the beginning of a long and sustained partnership between BMW and the Barcelona police department.

I’m actually more impressed that city leaders are taking their plans of improving Barcelona’s air quality seriously. Whereas we’ve seen other examples of people talking the talk yet not being able to back it up, the Barcelona police department is actually putting its own action plan into motion. These electric maxi scooters are going to be a bane for the city in more ways than one.

Glad to know that there are major cities out there that don’t just pay lip service to their own plans.

Press Release

Barcelona/Munich. A fleet of maxi scooters comprising 30 of the innovative BMW C evolution was delivered to the Barcelona City Hall for use by the local police. The first completely electrically powered scooter manufactured by BMW Motorrad will allow the police to move with maximum efficiency and zero emissions.

The BMW C evolution is BMW Motorrad’s answer to zero-emissions urban mobility. With a continuous output of 11KW and a maximum output of 35 KW, the scooter is homologated to be ridden with an A1 or B licence. The BMW electric scooter combines sheer electric riding pleasure with excellent dynamic qualities as well as the advantages of a zero emission vehicle, thereby providing a whole new riding experience.

With its high performance, the BMW C evolution was a perfect choice for Barcelona - a pioneering city in the use of environment-friendly vehicles. The model purchased by the city authorities is identical to the regular version but with modifications to adapt it to police use. These include a raised screen for protection purposes and a public address and signalling system.

Highlighting the importance of the delivery of this fleet for BMW, Guenther Seemann, President of BMW Group Spain, was there to hand over the scooter keys to mayor Xavier Trias. Seemann said: “The delivery of this fleet is a special achievement for the BMW Group for two main reasons: it is the first fleet of electric maxi scooters worldwide to be supplied and secondly the recipient is the city of Barcelona - a role model in Europe when it comes to two-wheel mobility. At the BMW Group we believe strongly that the future of urban mobility will be shaped in the next few years by cities with minimum emissions."

Alphabet, leasing multi-brand company of the BMW Group, participates as administrator of the motorcycle fleet. Rocío Carrascosa, CEO of Alphabet Spain, said "With this project we show once again our commitment to promote a more sustainable mobility in our cities." Alphabet offers innovative solutions such as AlphaCity, which offers its customers the possibility to rent vehicles incorporating technology developed for shared use by multiple users and also billing for private use use. AlphaElectric offers also rentals of electric vehicles, with solutions for the installation of charging points and tools to determine the possibilities to electrify a fleet in the optimal way.

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