The BMW Halbo concept looks like the kind of bike you can take with you in vacation. Yes, it is small and this makes it fun, efficient, but also very dangerous to ride, at least from where I’m sitting now. Actually, designer Pierre Yohanes Lubis claims it only takes up half as much space as your average bike.

That is due to some innovative construction methods such as the engine being an integrated part of the full-sized front wheel. At the back, you get a whole different scenario: the tiny spherical wheel is mounted on a moving arm that is supposed to balance the bike.

Addressed to "eco-minded young individuals," we can suppose it features
an electric motor, but why would anyone want to hit the streets on such a bike? Sure, it can be efficient at work places where you have to move a lot (and where workers currently use bicycles) as long as companies are willing to pay the price (currently unknown), but it looks too risky for the streets.


Source: dvice

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BMWM6  (488) posted on 07.10.2009

its looks arent apealing but it is a space saver

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