BMW Brings Exciting Stuff To Milan

The Milan show is in full swing, and there is so much yummy-goodness to go around I can hardly decide what to check out next. OK, that’s not entirely true, because Beemer is always near the top of my list and they have a trio of new products up for grabs. Rolling out first, BMW has a new scooter, the C 400 X. Next, there’s a hot pair of adventure bikes, and then we have a new touring model in the K 1600 family so let’s go check out the ’Werke’s’ works, shall we?

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C 400 X Scooter

2018 - 2019 BMW C 400 X
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BMW Hits A Hot Lick At 2017 EICMA
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More than just another scooter; angular styling and big enough to feel more motorcycle-like.

First up, we have another scooter that may actually be useful in the States; the C 400 X. Why do I say it like that? Well, that’s because the vast majority of scooterdom the world over is simply too small/slow/insubstantial to be of much utility on the high-speed arteries many of us encounter on our daily commute. Sure, BMW already has its C 650 lineup that falls out near the break between the “want a scooter” crowd and the “should have bought a proper motorcycle instead” bunch, and the electro-tastic C “evolution” scoot that advances the cause of EVs everywhere, but the new C 400 X walks it back a bit with a compromise between bulk and capability.

A 350 cc thumper drives this 455-pound scoot with 34 ponies and 25.8 pounds o’ grunt on tap. Not only is that enough to survive, it’s enough to thrive, even in our large metro areas and the interstate system. The design is typical of BMW with angular elements in the bodywork that give the C 400 X an edgy, modern look with a 15-inch front wheel guaranteed to feel more motorcycle-like than the rinkey-dink doughnuts we see on so many scooters. Wet front forks and dual coil-over shocks buoy the thing with all-around disc brakes and ABS protection as standard equipment.

New F750 GS and F850 GS Models

BMW Hits A Hot Lick At 2017 EICMA
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2018 - 2019 BMW F 750 GS / F 850 GS
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New adventure bikes with more adventure capabilities to replace the previous 700/800 siblings.

In keeping with the mid-size theme, my next picks are from the new medium-weight adventure range, the F 850 GS and F 750 GS that replace the previous F 700/800 GS models. Of the these two new rides, the 850 is the more dirt-tastic with greater suspension travel and knobby hoops while the 750 seems to be more street-centric. In spite of the different numbers within the model names, these rides both run the same 853 cc, water-cooled parallel twin with 61.2 pound-feet of torque and 77 horsepower ready to go and a six-speed tranny, slipper clucth and chain drive to finish out the drivetrain.

Dual, 305 mm front brake discs and a 265 mm rear slow both models, and though ABS comes stock, Beemer’s fancy lean-sensitive ABS can be had as one of the available optional upgrades right alongside the dynamic traction control feature and clutchless shifter. Will this in-between adventurer find a niche for itself? I rather imagine it will.

K 1600 Grand America Tourbike

2018 BMW K 1600 Grand America
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BMW Hits A Hot Lick At 2017 EICMA
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The K 1600 family gets a proper full dresser in American tourbike fashion.

Lastly, we have an absolute beast of a tourbike. Built in the American tourbike style, the K 1600 “Grand America” sports the full front fairing and windshield we like for the protection they afford on long trips at highway speeds. Hard-side panniers and a full touring trunk complete with a full passenger backrest gives it the comfort and capacity necessary to entice your significant other to partake of the joys of touring.

Beemer powers it with a 1,649 cc six-banger mill that packs away 158 horsepower and a whopping 129.1 pound-feet of torque for your riding enjoyment with a voluminous seven-gallon fuel tank to give it the requisite range. Traction control, power-delivery modes and even a reverse feature provide the electronic fandanglery.

And So Much More

Sure, there’s lots more to know about these rides, but you’ll just have to tune in for the full reviews once the show is over. Meanwhile, enjoy the show!

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