BMW Motorrad is in the process of gathering ideas for building new exciting motorcycles that would wear their emblem in the future. The best part about it is that they want your ideas and, apart from bringing a contribution to the motorcycle industry evolution, there are material prizes as well, the biggest being 2000 Euros.

All that an innovative mind has to know is in this small questionnaire that BMW put together:

What will be the perfect motor bike of the future - what features should it have, how much would it cost, who would buy it? What will be the next exciting trend in motor bikes that will fascinate the youth of tomorrow? We are looking for unique, breakthrough products and services for the future of motorcycles, scooters, mopeds or the like vehicles. The solutions should embody innovative technology, passion and modern lifestyle. What mobility function would it serve? Which trends should be integrated: leisure, fun, travel, business, style, ecology, economy? Break free from common conceptions and let your imagination fly! Take part in developing the future of the motorcycle and set new benchmarks in technology, propulsion type, materials, services, design and overall concept. Describe your personal vision, your two wheeled motorized dream.

As seen, they’re rather interested in attracting the younger crowd so focusing on this aspect could just do the trick for you. So go to the BMW Innovation Contest and submit your ideas.

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BMWM6  (488) posted on 04.14.2009

ha my custom busa will do the job looks amazing

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