A new initiative dedicated to battery cell technology research

You know things are actually getting serious when stalwarts like the BMW are putting their money and testing out electricity to power their future machines.

The new “Battery Cell Competence Centre” coming up in Munich, the brand’s headquarters, is BMW’s vision and commitment to developing the next generation of energy systems that will be powered by advanced battery cell technology.

BMW invests €200 million on its “Battery Cell Competence Centre”
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So far, the history of EVs’ has not been a fairy-tale story. But with BMW, the vast amount of experience, skill and financial resources could allow for some real development into producing better battery performance, lifespan, safety, charging, and also cut down on costs, which has been one of the major issues current energy storage solutions are tipping over.

The battery cell, being the heart of any electric storage unit, is the key component that will determine the performance, energy content, charging capabilities and lifespan of the battery. And hence BMW justifies its 200 million euros investment into this significant entity that will eventually determine the performance of an electrified vehicle.

BMW invests €200 million on its “Battery Cell Competence Centre” Drawings
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The center will foster battery research and prototyping that will include testing different materials and compositions under varied conditions like temperatures and pressures. Specialist departments will study on cell design and cell technology to facilitate compact structures that can carry maximum capacities.

BMW is already developing its 5th generation electric drivetrain systems for its vehicles that will integrate electric motor, transmission and power electronics in a single electric-drive component. Expect this to power electric-vehicles by the year 2021.

BMW invests €200 million on its “Battery Cell Competence Centre” Exterior
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BMW C Evolution

Although these innovations will cater BMW’s automobile models like the i-series, BMW Motorrad will also avail these concepts for they already have the C Evolution electric scooter paving the way for the two-wheeled counterparts.

BMW is not some run off the mill company making electric transportation. It has a rich 101 years that made savvy business taking some of the boldest decision after foreseeing the company’s future.

This, I believe, is one of them.

BMW invests €200 million on its “Battery Cell Competence Centre” Exterior
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BMW C Evolution
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