2014 was a record-setting year for BMW Motorrad, thanks in large part to the company selling 123,495 motorcycles and scooters all over the world. Traditionally, the company starts slow off slow in January of every year, selling less than five percent of the total number of sales it will eventually make for the year. But January 2015 was different for a lot of reasons. Turns out, those record-setting numbers from 2014 is carrying over into 2015 after the company announced that it had achieved its best-ever January sales figures in its history.

That’s pretty impressive stuff considering that BMW’s sales figures in January 2015 reached 6,263 total motorcycle and scooter units all over the world. That’s a significant leap up from the 5,438 units sold in the same time period last year.

It’s easy to point to BMW Motorrad’s sales momentum as the biggest reason behind the upswing in sales. After all, the company has generated record sales numbers for four consecutive years and if the January 2015 numbers are any indication, that record run could extend another year.

It’s already of to a great start to the year and with new models set to be introduced later in the year, there’s no telling how many units BMW Motorrad will end up selling for the year. One thing I do know is that I’m not betting against another record-breaking year from happening.

Not with the start the company has had.

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Why it matters

BMW Motorrad still has a long way to go if it wants to match sales volume numbers with some of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. But it does say a lot about the company’s recent success that it’s been posting healthy sales numbers despite facing a lot of stiff competition from rival brands.

The company’s January sales numbers will inevitably be eclipsed by other months as the year goes by, but it does paint a positive picture that BMW’s sales is off to a record start compared to its numbers in the same month last year.

Hopefully, the company continues to increase its sales numbers and posts another record year in 2015. It’s still too early to make bold proclamations, but rest assured, if there’s a company that can pull it off, it’s BMW Motorrad.

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