BMW Motorrad is offering a range of new aftermarket parts for its resident roadster, the R nineT. Actually, the new custom options are limited to just a pair of aluminum fuel tanks that BMW says will give a fresh look to the R nineT.

It’s really not much if you think about it. But if you’re the type who likes to jazz up your R nineT and give it that industrial-looking aesthetic, these two hand-crafted aluminum tanks should go a long way in accomplishing that.

They certainly serve the purpose of the R nineT’s aftermarket-friendly character. After all, a handful go custom parts builders have already embraced BMW’s offer to go custom crazy on the roadster. If everything’s getting to it, who’s to say that BMW can’t join in on the fun.

The two new custom tanks carry the same dimensions but what sets them apart are the exclusive looks each received from BMW’s own custom division. Plus, anybody who avails one of these custom tanks should be glad to know that each piece is hand-brushed so that no two tanks are deemed identical. It’s the closest thing to a one-off aftermarket part R nineT owners can put on their roadsters.

Not surprisingly, each of these tanks were built to meet BMW’s own standards. That’s comforting to hear for any prospective buyer who may want to score one for their bikes for a tidy price of $1,830 for the rough-textured design and $1,940 for the smooth-textured version.

Act quickly if you’re interested because BMW Motorrad is scheduled to open sales for these new custom tanks beginning in May 2015.

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Why it matters

BMW really has high hopes for the R NineT, particularly with the way it packaged the roadster as an aftermarket builder’s dream. It’s a bike that can be treated as an open canvas that can be reconfigured in so many different ways. But just because BMW Motorrad is taking this approach, that doesn’t it’s not trying to cut a piece of the aftermarket pie for itself.

I’m not going to jump through flaming rings to get these new custom aluminum tanks, but I’m not going to fault anybody who takes such steps to secure one for their R NineT bikes.

It’s a nice touch and really, BMW has a point when it says that these new aluminum tanks will give the R NineT a more personal touch for its owner. That doesn’t mean that everybody should queue up to buy one, but it is an option worth exploring, especially if an R NineT owner is itching to give his/her custom-friendly roadster a nice, personalized touch.

The price is a little steep, but if an R NineT is committed enough to give his/her bike a more personal touch that brings more out the bike’s no-frills attitude, these two personalized aluminum fuel tanks are pretty darn good starts to make that happen.

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