BMW Motorrad History has just released three video episodes explaining the BMW Motorrad history.

See how BMW first started by producing airplanes and then turned to motorcycles, selling the first ever R32 model five years before starting to design automobiles.

The Bavarian company proved adaptable in the critic period following the Second World War and very innovative afterwards. This lead the Germans towards great profit numbers in the propitious 1960s period, when some of their iconic models were born (mostly R series).

Enduro models from the 1970s were an instant success and that was carried on in Dakar racing as well. BMW then oriented towards high-performing and innovative street models (the K series) while carrying on with the Enduro segment as well.

See the three videos after the break.

From Airplanes to Motorcycles

1960s BMW motorcycle icons

Enduro success and Street evolution

Source: SoloMoto30 via Youtube

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Rod  (825) posted on 07.13.2009

This are great videos Bmw has come very far I always like Bmw Motorbikes.smiley

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