• BMW’s first XPLOR dual sport ride kicks off this April

    first XPLOR dual sport ride
  • first XPLOR dual sport ride

Are you sick of looking at snow instead of dirt over the past few months? Have you forgotten just how awesome it feels to tear around a turn sliding that rear end? Are you itching to hit the trail and bash through the mud and sand? Well, for all you off-road maniacs out there in BMW land, it’s time to dig out your motocross boots and find that kidney belt, because the first XPLOR dual sport ride will happen this April 20-22 in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

Available only to XPLOR members, this rippin’ weekend of off-roading features two days of riding
in the sandy back roads of the Pine Barrens, near Hammonton, NJ. 2000 Paris-Dakar third-place finisher Jimmy Lewis, along with his wife Heather -who can also haul you know what- will be there to give small group lessons as well. Now you can not only ride with the best, but learn from the best. If you dream of whoops and sand washes, get ready to sink your knobbies in at the very
first XPLOR dual sport ride and go all out this April 20-22. This off-road adventure is open to all BMW Motorcycle owners, but you have to a member of XPLOR to be eligible.

Source: www.bmwxplor.com

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