Race-machine pilots of all sorts are shooting the flats in preparation for the upcoming Bonneville Speed Week, and on Monday, the 25th of July, the flats claimed another brave soul that dared to push the boundaries of possibility. Sam Wheeler spent a lifetime pursuing land-speed greatness, and is unique among the top motorcycle contenders in that he designed, built and piloted his own machines in the quest to break the 400 mph mark.

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Bonneville Salt Flats Claims Another Racer; R.I.P. Sam Wheeler
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Details on the wreck are still a bit sketchy, but Sam will always be remembered for his passion for streamliner motorcycles, the first of which he built when he was still in high school back in 1963. Mr. Wheeler was truly a legend in his own time, and he will be missed within the hard-core, land-speed record chasing fans and competitors. May he rest in peace.

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