You take a look at this bike and already have troubles recognizing the brand and we’re sure that mentioning how it is called – Sun of Mule that is – won’t help much. But here’s the story. This is actually a 2006 Triumph Bonneville which Richard Pollock of Mule Motorcycles bought from eBay in order to satisfy a customer’s request of a special bike for little money.

Bonneville Street Tracker by Mule Motorcycles Exterior
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Although the bike isn’t highly modified as the accent was put on styling and ride quality, while the only engine upgrade consists in a British Customs exhaust, it is hard not to spot this as a unique build. Click past the break to see what Richard Pollock, owner of Mule Motorcycles and builder of the Sun of Mule has to say about his latest custom after the jump.

Richard Pollock’s work description:


Bonneville Street Tracker by Mule Motorcycles Exterior
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XR Harley fiberglass seat and aluminum Trackmaster fuel tank. Mule triple clamps with Buell M-2 Cyclone 43mm adjustable forks. Brakes are (2) 4-piston Brembos up front with a small 2-piston Brembo rear. The front rotors are from a TZ750 Yamaha roadracer and the rear is late 90’s Galfer intended for a YZ250. Rear master cylinder and pedal/pegs are stock and the front is a GSXR1000 radial master-cylinder mounted on stock sized 1" handlebars. Stock size handlebars were retained to be able to use the stock switches and throttle, again to stay within the budget.

Front wheel is an 80’s KZ440 front and the rear is a KZ900 front widened to 3.5" by Kosman. The most work as usual went into the bearing/disc/sprocket carriers to marry up the wheels and componentry to fit the bike and line everything up correctly.

The second block of work that was fairly time consuming was fitting the stock headlight brackets to the new fork tubes and wider triple clamps. To me, that part was really worth the effort.


Bonneville Street Tracker by Mule Motorcycles Exterior
- image 360318

That ended up being the easiest part (relatively speaking). This is my third Triumph build of this type, and as is always the case, I’ll do the next one slightly different. I’ve wanted to do this silver powdercoat color on a frame for quite some time and when the owner, "Sun" said that he wanted everything silver, now was the time!

Why didn’t I do this or that? I blame everything on the budget!

Source: thekneeslider

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  (1022) posted on 07.26.2010

Hmm, it looks like a bike from the 90’s. If it’s new, I was tricked of it’s classy look.

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