Brammo plans to sell their Enertia electric motorcycle for $12,000 in five West Coast stores in May. Considering the great number of visitors for a single Best Buy location, such as the one in West Hollywood which sees approximately 7 million customers a year, we can’t help being impressed by their distribution network and check their plans for the future. Brammo currently works at a two-seat model which will join the Enertia at the 1,200 Best Buy locations in the US and other 1,500 ones throughout Europe and China as soon as it will be released next year.

Enertia’s electric powerplant develops 28lb. ft of torque which gets the bike up to no more than 53 mph while the battery only keeps up for 45 miles. So there’s no obvious reason why people would buy it, especially over the much cheaper, torquier (50 lb.ft) and lighter (129 lbs less) 2009 Zero S electric supermoto, just to give an example, but I bet it will sell successfully (it’s human nature, I guess).

Their future model is claimed to achieve a top speed of 75 mph and have a 100-mile range so they clearly know where they’re wrong and consistently work to improve their products.


Source: hellforleathermagazine

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