Having gathered the $10 million necessary to finance the production of the Enertia electric motorcycle, Brammo Motorsports was today proud to announce that the bike will go into production. Brammo CEO, Craig Bramscher was the official who declared that the amount is sufficient for the Enertia to hit the production line.

Big part of that money comes from best Buy Capital, which happens to have an electronic store. Now that is an interesting way to discover where the first Enertia motorcycles will be sold.

Brammo Enertia to hit production
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Brammo Enertia to hit production
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Brammo Enertia to hit production
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Source: motoflash

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IeatBrknGlass  (5) posted on 09.24.2008

Its about time we start stepping up as a society and start become energy dependent. Plus its hellava lot more fun riding to work on two wheels!

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