The 2015 MotoGP season is about to begin and while Bridgestone’s contract as the official tire supplier of the racing series is up after this season, you have to give credit to Bridgestone for continuing to put the best products out there for the series teams and riders. Part of Bridgestone’s responsibilities for MotoGP is to devise a tire marking color code to make it easier for teams to identify which specific set is suited for a specific time or racing condition.

This season, Bridgestone has unveiled six different tire color codes for MotoGP, two more than what it had in previous seasons. Some of us already know the four color indicators - standard or medium tires are unmarked; the one with the red stripe is the hard tire; the one with the green stripe is the extra-soft tire used exclusively on the rear; the one with the white stripes is the soft tire - that were implemented last season. But now, Bridgestone is adding a yellow-striped tire for the extra-hard compound and a blue-striped tire for the asymmetrical tire that will be exclusively used on the front end.

Wet tires will also follow the same color-coding scheme as last season with white strips earmarked for soft wet tires and black strips used for hard wet tires. These types of thing may not seem like important details for casual fans of MotoGP, but for those who understand the sport and know how important tires are in a rider’s performance, these new color codes will go a long way in helping who the 2015 MotoGP world champion is going to be.

Personally, I’m just excited to see the series return to action. Formula One has already started so it’s time for MotoGP to get in on the fun too.

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Why it matters

MotoGP’s color-coding system was actually introduced last season as a response to demands from race-viewers who wanted to clearly identify what type of tires each rider was using at specific parts of a race. But the purpose evolved to helping teams, as well, so you can say that the color-coding scheme has been successful in that front.

But the adoption of new tires goes beyond adding new colors to the tires. There’s also that all-important factor of developing specific tires for specific races, something that the series found out last season and has put great importance in implementing this time around.

Whether that proves to be successful is a discussion for another time, but on the surface, it’s important to have tires that can handle the quirky requirements of race tracks and avoid problematic situations like last year’s race at Philip Island in Australia where stewards imposed a fly-by rule that required to riders to change bikes and ride a new set of tires after every 10 laps.

That may have contributed to the suspense and drama of the race, but it was also a safety issue that needed to addressed quickly. And so, here we are, days away from the opening race of the 2015 MotoGP season.

If you’re a fan of the series like I am, now may be a goof time to get acclimated to these new tire color codes so you know what riders will use during a specific race. That’s the kind of viewer engagement that was made possible with the implementation of this scheme.

Press Release

Following a successful debut of a new MotoGP™ slick tyre marking system in 2014, Bridgestone has introduced new colours to its tyre line-up in 2015 to reflect new tyre developments being made available to riders this year.

The revision to the tyre marking system has been the result of more options of slick tyre being offered by Bridgestone this season, as the Official Tyre Supplier to MotoGP™ continues to pursue development of race tyres that offer enhanced safety, durability and performance.

Alongside the four coloured markings used last year; green (extra-soft), white (soft), black (medium) and red (hard), two new slick tyre colours are added to this year’s classification scheme. A new extra-hard compound rear slick will make its debut at the Argentina round of the championship due to the severe nature of the Termas de Rio Hondo circuit, and this new development will be distinguished by a yellow stripe. Bridgestone has continued development of its asymmetric front slick that was introduced in the closing stages of the 2014 season, and this year will offer this option at more circuits in various compound combinations. As only a maximum of one type of asymmetric front slick will be offered at a given round, these will be marked with a light blue stripe to help distinguish this option against the symmetric front slicks on offer.

The complete list of coloured slick tyre markings for the 2015 MotoGP season is:

  • Same as 2014
  • Extra-soft compound: Green
  • Soft compound: White
  • Medium compound: Black (no stripe)
  • Hard compound: Red
  • Additional colours for 2015
  • Extra-hard compound (rear only): Yellow
  • Asymmetric front slick: Light blue

As per last season, in 2015 two options of wet tyre will be offered at each round, and will adopt a marking system where the plain, black tyre denotes the harder option, and a white stripe will mark the softer option.

Hiroshi Yamada – Manager, Bridgestone Motorsport Department

“The coloured tyre marking scheme we implemented last year was designed to make it easier for fans to see which tyre options we deliver at each race, and we’ve listened to the feedback from both MotoGP fans and media around the world to improve this system for this year. This revised tyre marking system not only reflects Bridgestone’s commitment to continue developing new tyres through the 2015 MotoGP season by offering more options to riders, but also helps increase the appeal of the sport by helping fans more clearly understand the importance of tyre strategy during the race weekend.”

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