OK so, it’s not the most important category in the world, nor is it likely to fuel demand for a new type of ride on the roads, but a world’s record is a world’s record. Kevin Scott built and rode his 200 cc motor-unicycle in an attempt to unseat American Kerry McClean as the holder of the record, and Scott’s 61.18 mph run was more than enough to leave McClean’s 57 mph effort back in ’01 in the dust.

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What Does It Mean?

Brits Set New Land Speed Record
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Cool and all, but a novelty at best. Mr. Scott admits that he’s still on the uphill side of the learning curve due to the difficulty involved with operating his creation. The 59-inch wheel can be steered only by body English, and since the mass of the engine and rider is used during both acceleration and deceleration, both actions send the pilot for a partial ride around the hoop. Definitely not a ride that screams out for a cupholder, know what I’m sayin’?

Brits Set New Land Speed Record
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Still, a record is a record, and Mr. Scott’s accomplishment that actually took place last October thus missing the ’16 issue will hit the books as a ’17 record...until the next blistering run by a powered uni.

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Source: Guiness World Records

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