You’ve probably read a lot of news about how police in Great Britain threaten to confiscate the bikes, cameras and computers of those who broadcast themselves on the internet after riding at speeds above 180 mph, but their gear is indeed efficient if it stood up to that.

Such an example is Twenty20 Motorcycle Camera and it is strongly recommended that you don’t use it for that, but to capture the most beautiful sights you’ve laid your eyes on and, eventually, share it with us.

"When we designed the Twenty20 Motorcycle Camera we had one goal in mind… To create an ON-BIKE POV filming experience for any motorcycle enthusiast. The Twenty20 Motorcycle Camera uses a rubber-to metal-to-rubber mount system that takes vibration out of the picture. The mount is fully articulating, allowing you to change camera angles whenever you like. A double sided adhesive pad is included so you don’t have to drill anything into your bike.

The motorcycle mount is perfect for long rides, track days, races, anything you want to do on your bike. Now you can capture angles you never thought possible."

Broadcasting yourself has never been easier
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Motorcycle Camera
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