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Brough Superiors are considered one of the finest motorcycles in the world. Owning one is tantamount to having the best of the best and nobody will tell you otherwise. That’s a big reason why Brough Superiors are always treated as headline pieces in any auction and that’s exactly what they are at the Bonhams Stafford sale at the Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show on October 2015.

There just won’t be one Brough Superior at the auction. A handful are expected to hit the auction block, ensuring that a lot of wallets will bleed dry by the time the auction’s over. A 1926 Brough Superior 980cc SS100 Alpine Grand Sport will be auctioned off. Sure, this particular bike’s been dismantled and is being offered for restoration. But even then, the bike is expected to reach anywhere from £120,000-160,000.

If you’re not the type who wants to restore a bike, you can opt for a 1936 Earls Court Motorcycle Show Brough Superior 990cc SS100. This baby carries an estimate price tag of £210,000-240,000. This particular bike received extensive mechanical refurbishment in 2013, while still maintaining its beautiful patina, ensuring that it retained its classy and luxurious look. That’s admittedly a lot of money for a bike, but then again, it’s a Brough Superior. Sometimes, the name sells on its own.

In the unfortunate event that you don’t have six figure sums to throw around, you can still score a 1931 Brough Superior OHV 680 project, estimated at a more palatable £15,000-20,000.

There’s nothing normal about these Brough Superiors so anybody who is interested in winning these highly sought-after auction pieces should expect to pay exorbitant sums for them. That’s just the kind of cache that Brough Superiors have.

The Bonhams Autumn Stafford Sale is scheduled to take place on October 18, 2015 at the Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Show in the UK.

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Why it matters

I’ve never seen a Brough Superior in person so I don’t really know what it fees like to be in the presence of motorcycle royalty. I do know that people revere this bike, not only because of the history attached to it, but more importantly, the manner by which collectors trip over themselves just to be able to take ownership of one of these bikes.

The upcoming Bonhams auction in the UK should be a perfect example of this. I know that the auction house has already thrown out estimates of what these Brough Superior bikes could go for, but don’t be surprised if at least one of these motorcycles go for twice their estimate. The 1931 Brough Superior OHV 680 project is the perfect candidate because it has the cheapest estimate of the three Superiors. But I’ll throw it out there, too.

The 1936 Earls Court Motorcycle Show Brough Superior 990cc SS100 has the most expensive estimate, but again, bidders could just go ham and shoot that number up to the high six digits.

The question now is whether any of these bikes can approach the $1.62 million that was paid for the “Captain America” Harley-Davidson Pinhead. I’m not confident it can approach that number, but it’s worth noting that of the 10 most expensive bikes that have ever been sold in an auction setting, Brough Superiors accounted for three of those 10.

That’s the kind of bike the Superior is. Having three of them set to be auctioned in the same place should set off a whole lot of fireworks.

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