Brough Superior has a pretty long history behind it as they’ve started to build bikes in 1919. Luckily the company managed to survive until the present and they’ve promised to reveal an all new V-twin superbike.

The new motorcycle will make its debut in November 2013 and will be propelled by a strong 1200cc V-twin engine. This big news was revealed by the company’ CEO Mark Upham during a press conference at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, hosted by Jay Leno.

Talking about the new bike, Mr. Upham said that it won’t come alone and in the future, we can expect to an entire lineup of new motorcycles: “We will be commencing with a V-twin model range but it won’t stop there. We’re working flat-out to get the first example ready for the Milan show in November. It will be the first in a series of different model families – some with more than two cylinders. But I won’t be revealing anything more until then, other than to say that each motorcycle we construct will be fully bespoke, built to the specifications of each customer.”

The company has also said that they will race in the GPs next year with a Moto2 race bike that features a carbon fibre monocoque chassis.


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