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Another British resurrection into the two-wheeled world

With the craze of the British designs and brands taking mainstage in the industry currently, “The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited” or BSA is having a grand comeback in the most modern fashion and will join the likes of Ariel, Levis, Brough, Hesketh, Matchless, and Norton.

This comes in light of a tweet by Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) boss Anand Mahindra on Boxing Day which states "We’re sorry you’ve missed out on your favourite ride for all these years, Santa...We’re working on getting it back for you...A shiny new one, but with all the character of your old steed..."

The tweet was accompanied by this old advertising image below

BSA set to make a grand comeback
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Mahindra has purchased 100% (120,000) shares of the iconic British biker BSA Motorcycles for a staggering $4.5 million. It plans to revive the Birmingham company which “will capture the character, DNA and ethos of the brand”, and that it will “develop products that are in sync with the DNA of the BSA brands”.

Although BSA stopped making motorcycles way back in the ‘70s, Mahindra is upon reviving the brand and infuse their DNA into future projects by making use of its in-house R&D capability and Peugeot’s engineering acumen( M&M also has 51% stake at Peugeot motorcycles).

BSA set to make a grand comeback
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The principal activity of BSA is licensing the brands related to motorcycles as it has its stands in Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, USA, Mexico and Canada. Mahindra has full control over the brand to utilize the same for selling, marketing, distributing motorcycles on a global scale.

“The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited” or BSA manufactured motorcycles from 1910 to 1970. Its first offering was the BSA 3 1/2 hp and since then it managed to have a great racing history and at its peak, it was the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world. At a time it also owned the legendary Triumph Motorcycles.

BSA set to make a grand comeback
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BSA Rocket 3

We don’t know if Mahindra will take advantage of the acquisitions of history’s iconic brand that is famous by the fans but virtually unknown to the general public. Mahindra has a tall order to build a new range of prestigious motorcycles and not to adhere to the kinds already in many catalogs across manufacturers.

Of course, we hope for a true "renaissance" here, perhaps with tapping the opportunity to re-enter the market with due seriousness and quality that the brand deserves and give enthusiasts joy of owning a legendary brand and becoming a part of BSA’s rich history.

Only time will tell us if Mahindra can actually revive these brands to its original glory, given the fact that two-stroke motors will never return. Sad

BSA set to make a grand comeback
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BSA Desert Sled 355 CONCEPT
BSA set to make a grand comeback
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BSA set to make a grand comeback
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BSA Victor 355 CONCEPT
BSA set to make a grand comeback
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JAWA Californian 351 CONCEPT
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