The design of the BTR War Horse is taking the kit bike industry in a new direction. Never before has there ever been a more sport oriented big twin available to the public. With it’s race inspired geometry, aggressive riding style and top shelf components, the BTR War Horse is truly in a class by itself. Curt Winter, owner and designer of the Big Twin Racer, has been building sport oriented bikes for the past ten years. Before that it was your basic custom cruisers. Never content to leave well enough alone, the desire to go faster soon led to what you see here. Designed from the ground up, starting with a perimeter style tube frame, single shock rear suspension and the best components the industry has to offer, strategically assembled to give the rider a sensation that is second to none.

BTR development started back in 1997. The idea was to take a big American V-twin and stuff it into a sport bike chassis, use quality suspension components, powerful brakes and an aggressive riding style. The first models used a solid mount motor tranny assembly wich soon gave way to a more rider friendly rubber mounted powerplant. Making that possible was the design of a new stiffer frame and swing arm, not having to rely on the engine as a stressed member meant that the frame could have more longitudinal ridgitity, something hard to come by when using a powerplant that is not of unit construction. Critical components such as oil tank and gas tank are rubber mounted so that over time vibration won’t be a problem.

BTR has focused their attention on building the most unique concept to hit the industry in years.

Frame Kit

The War Horse kit utilizes a BTR designed frame, increasing longitudinal ridgitity with the uniqe perimeter style double backbone. Oil is carried in an aluminum oil tank, mounted low and in front .The design lowers the central mass weight and increases oil cooling by grabbing fresh air from the front. The gas tank is also uniqe to the BTR, designed to fit between the twin backbone and shaped to give the rider free movement about the controls.

FRAME: 1.25" D.O.M. tubing.

  • Front: Ohlins Fork
  • Rear: Ohlins Shock

RAKE: 24.5 degrees

  • Front: Dual Brembo, 4 piston caliper
  • Rear: Single Brembo, 2 piston caliper


  • Front: 17” x 3.5”
  • Rear: 17” x 5.5”

option - carbon fiber or aluminum
OIL TANK: 3.5 qt. hand formed aluminum.
GAS TANK: 4 gallon hand formed aluminum.


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