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  • Buell 1125R on ice
  • Buell 1125R hits 148.7 mph on ice
    148mph on Ice?!
    Buell motorcycles sent extreme rider Craig Jones to Lake Dellen in Sweden to see how fast a motorbike could go on ice. With a small window of opportunity and against the elements including extreme temperatures of -10C, Jones took a specially customised nitrous-injected Buell 1125R and set a world first for the fastest bike on ice. With extreme riding conditions comes the need for extreme equipment, and the bike used for the attempt boasted some mammoth modifications. Complete with nitrous oxide injection providing an estimated extra 50bhp, the white Buell 1125R reached top speed on a 1.1km run. The tyres were specially adapted with protruding spikes (20mm on rear and 15mm on front) designed to increase grip on the perilous surface. For more info, images and downloads visit: http://www.buell.com/extreme http://www.flickr.com/buellextreme
  • Buell 1125R hits 148.7 mph on ice
    Buell 1125R on ice