Buell has just finished designing their brand new motorcycle, the 1125CR. Powered by the Buell Helicon 1125 liquid-cooled V-Twin engine, it accelerates straight to the “café racer” times and brings us a freshen up approach of those specific bikes.

Erik Buell talks about the brand new bike:

“Part superbike and part street fighter, the 1125CR is my vision of a 21st century café racer,”

Buell launches 1125CR and heads it straight into production
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Designed in the specific Buell style – which is very modern, by the way – and still managing to send our thoughts to the “café racer” days, we reckon the American manufacturer had successfully reached its goal.

Even more, with the 146 hp engine and lowered final drive gearing (compared to the 1125R), it is not only about getting nostalgic, but riding it at top speed. And you will be able to do that soon as it will go into production the next month.

Source: cyrilhuzeblog

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