Can-Am has issued a recall for a number of 12,500 Spyders manufactured between July 2007 and May 2009 because of an apparent problem to the vehicle’s power steering system. This has reportedly caused at least three light injuries because, as stated in the recall notice from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, "the operator of an involved vehicle may need to exert a force greater than expected to initiate the turning of the steering handlebar off centre in order to correct vehicle drift from a straight line path."

The Canadian Press< dig deeper into this aspect and gave the company’s spokeswoman Johanne Denault the opportunity to make things sound less dangerous… "The vehicle is not going to start zig zagging, it’s only a small drift", she said.

Although they don’t mention in what the correction of this problem consists, the suppliers of the power steering system (Kongsberg Inc.) are left with paying the repairs. Owners must contact Bombardier Recreational Products at 1-866-767-0707 or go to their local dealers to have their rides inspected and, if necessary, repaired.

No less than 9,932 possibly affected Can-Am Spyders were sold in the United States.


Source: autoblog

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  (824) posted on 06.19.2009

I like the Cam-Am Spyder it looks like fun lets hope they fix the Psteering problem.

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