• Carberry Motorcycles launched a brand new 1-lire V-twin engine

Makes 52 hp and 60 lb-ft of torque

Carberry Motorcycles has been the new kid on the block for the custom scene. The company was the brainchild of an Australian chap, Paul Carberry, started ‘Dream Engines and Modifications (DEM)’ and has now started production in 2016 at Bhilai, India, the backyard of the Royal Enfield.

Their first product was christened as the ‘Double Barrel’, an engine that gets the long 90mm stroke engine inherited from RE and uses the cylinders, heads, and choice of 4 or 5-speed gearbox from RE. The company has just launched this new engine for enthusiasts around the world for ₹ 4.96 lakh ($7,600). But there is a small catch here; it’s just not yet available for everybody.

Carberry Motorcycles launched a brand new 1-lire V-twin engine Exterior
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Recently, Royal Enfield‘s showcased its interest in having multiple cylinders under its hood with added capacities in a bid to create a niche market for themselves. We are talking about the new Continental GT 650 and Interceptor running on 650cc parallel twin engines.

Now, Carberry Motorcycles has launched the Double Barrel engine to the world along with the primary drive and gearbox units. The completely built motorcycles, however, is said to be launched sometime later this year.

Carberry Motorcycles launched a brand new 1-lire V-twin engine Exterior
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This beastly engine a 1000cc Air-cooled, OHV, pushrod, four-valve, 55 degrees V-Twin that carries the 84/90 bore stroke figures and the Digital Electronic Ignition from the original RE engine. What it doesn’t get is the fuel injection tech. Instead, it has a carburetor supplying the fuel. The company is working on getting fuel injection soon.

The most exciting part is the engine performance figures. Carberry claims that the Double Barrel is capable of producing a max power figure of 52.2 hp @ 4800 rpm and the peak torque stands at 60 lb-ft @ 5250 rpm. More than enough to tear the tarmac apart. In fact, RE’s new 650cc twins does only 47 hp and 38 lb-ft of torque.

Carberry Motorcycles launched a brand new 1-lire V-twin engine Exterior
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Here is a list of the engine vitals:
• 7 plate clutch and high strengthened primary chain
• 5-speed gearbox
• Hydraulic lifters
• Heavy crankshaft
• Roller big end bearings
• Double the main bearing capacity of the single cylinder
• A heavy duty starter motor and sprang clutch designed similar to a 2-liter car engine
• Lifters and oil pumps run in their own housings protecting the engine cases from wear and damage
• A large 1 gal oil capacity filtered through an external spin on oil filter and pumped at 10 times the capacity of the single
• Oil pressure gauge
• Because of successful R&D, the power is delivered smoothly with minimal vibration
• Linear power delivery throughout the rev range
• Magnetic sump plugs
• Old school design appropriated for custom builds
• Readily available parts

Carberry Motorcycles launched a brand new 1-lire V-twin engine Exterior
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Now, for the most crucial part of this story is the availability of these engines. Carberry Motorcycles have priced this engine along with the primary drive and transmission at ₹ 4.96 lakh ($7,600) ex-factory (freight, handling charges and taxes extra). But this engine will not just yet fit your ride’s chassis. This model is made exclusively for export and for existing homologated Carberry motorcycles only.

Since there is still a few red-tapes to be cleared, this engine is still not road legal in its home country. Nonetheless, they are working with the authorities to get all formalities cleared. Meanwhile, if you still wish to procure one for yourself, you will have to pay half the price as a deposit and expect the engine to be delivered within a timeframe of four to seven months. If in case it has to be exported, there will be a warranty surcharge and higher handling charges levied.

Carberry Motorcycles launched a brand new 1-lire V-twin engine Exterior
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Carberry Motorcycles say that the completely built motorcycles carrying the Double barrel engine and the altered and reinforced chassis will also be showcased and sold at a later date in the year. Coming to the price tag, there is no official word on this but be very sure of an extravagant one.

Since this motorcycle has a hand built engine and frame fitted on to a Classic 500 chassis, you cannot expect it for the price of two popsicles. It could be pricey for a motorcycle that has no electronic rider aids, but luckily you do however get ABS. About the bike’s fit and finish, we will have to wait for it to be launched officially and test ridden extensively.

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