I think I’m not the only one who has a predisposed disdain for coffee rings. That much I’m confident of saying, and I think I share this sentiment with a majority of coffee drinkers. But there are some people like Carter Asmann who actually like coffee rings. Why? I don’t know.

But Asmann is a notable exception because he not only finds good use for these coffee rings, but he actually makes money out of it. Go figure.

Asman is, of course, an artist. He’s a pretty good one, too, as evidenced by the works he’s created over the years. One of his signatures, though, is using coffee rings as part of his motorcycle drawings. Care to guess what he uses them as? Wheels!

What he does is use this rings and then draws around them, creating these vivid images of motorcycles that are incredibly impressive to look at. The details are impressive, especially with the way he somehow manages to blend the rings with the sketches he creates.

There’s a lot to be said for that kind of attention-to-detail and Asman manages to capture it in a pretty unique way. Who knew coffee rings could have a place in the world of art?

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Why it matters

I’m sold on Carter Asman’s talents. The use of the coffee rings is a creative way to replace the wheels on the motorcycles - and cars - he draws. But what’s really striking about his works is the intricacy of the motorcycles. Take a closer look at how he somehow captures every small detail of the bikes, right down to every nut and bolt.

The man deserves a round of applause for these pieces. Should you be interested in buying any of his works, these drawings sell for $60 per piece.

That’s actually not a bad price. If you’re not buying it for yourself, you can even get a jump on your holiday shopping. Go ahead and have it framed, too. That should increase the appeal of these drawings.

Source: Carter Asmann

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