• Casey Stoner and Marco Melandri join Bridgestone tyre launch in Jerez

    Stoner and Melandri group photo
  • Stoner riding the 848
  • Melandri riding the 848
  • Melandri and Stoner riding the 848

A few days after the opening MotoGP event of 2008 in Qatar, Casey Stoner and Marco Melandri attended the international media launch of the new Bridgestone Battlax BT-016 tyre, which uses tyre technology derived from MotoGP to produce a tyre that gives high-level grip performance in braking, cornering and acceleration.

Stoner, fresh from his race win at the Qatar GP and Melandri completed a handful of laps of the Circuit de Jerez in southern Spain using a Ducati 848 equipped with the new BT-016 hypersport tyres, together with former GP rider Jeremy McWilliams, who has been working for Bridgestone to set up the bikes at the track.

Both said they have been impressed with the performance of the 848 and the new BT-016 hypersport.
"Riding on track with Marco and Jeremy, for once without the pressure of the chronometer was good fun", said the World Champion. "My initial impressions of the tyre were good and so was my feeling with the 848 which has impressed me with the handling, the power delivery and the stability in braking. It has been a good relax after the excitement of the GP. Bridgestone has played an important part in my MotoGP career, they listened to me from the beginning, even if I was still young and I hadn’t won MotoGP races, they gave back what I was putting in, so it has been a pleasure to join them at this event."

Casey Stoner and Marco Melandri join Bridgestone tyre launch in Jerez
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Melandri and Stoner riding the 848

"It truly was a very fun event," echoed Melandri. "I went out to make five laps with my 848 and I just didn’t stop lapping. After two hours they had to stop me or I would miss my plane! The tyre offered a fantastic grip, the bike was amazing in every aspect: the front precise in the changes of direction, the power simply great, the rear enjoyable when sliding entering the corners. Now I need some days of relax but not too many. I really look forward to get back working with my team in order to be able to get the maximum from my GP8".

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