Casey Stoner’s health state has determined him and his medical staff from Australia to take the decision of missing from the next three MotoGP races. Ducati Marlboro team has made the news public together with the mention that Stoner will return to MotoGP racing in October, at the Portuguese GP. He will meanwhile be replaced by Mika Kallio on the Ducati Marlboro factory bike.

Apparently, the Australian MotoGP rider suffers from chronic fatigue determined by a virus – most likely caught during the Barcelona race – and also by the fact that Stoner pushed himself so hard during these last five races.

Together with this decision, Stoner is forced to give up to his current 3rd place in the Championship as well. Afflicted, he commented:

“After five extremely difficult races due to my health, I returned to Australia to visit the sports doctors who have looked after me for many years. We have taken the difficult decision not to contest the next three rounds of the championship, to allow my body time to recover from the recent stress. The doctors believe that during the Barcelona race I was suffering from a virus, and, that I subsequently pushed my body too hard, leading to problems that have caused my fatigue since then. The doctors are continuing with many tests to try to understand these problems and make sure it does not happen again. I have spoken with Ducati and thank them for their understanding at this time. I feel very sorry for the factory, my team, my sponsors and the fans and I am also disappointed because the bike in the last races has been very competitive. I will be doing everything possible to come back at full strength for Portugal.”


Source: motogp via asphaltandrubber

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Rod  (825) posted on 08.15.2009

This is bad news because Stoner had a chance to win this year.smiley
So is gonna be Rossi and Lorenzon all the way maybe Pedrosa can get some wins so it would make it hard for the two Yamaha riders.

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