When human test riders simply aren’t enough, companies adopt ingenious methods to test their products and we’re facing such an example here and now. Castrol needs to know how their synthetic oil performs in extreme conditions, from the desert heat and to the freezing Antarctica temperatures, which is why they use Flossie for the job.

The robot motorcycle tester can endure virtually any harsh treatment and still prove effective in providing the feedback that Castrol needs. The best of it is that it can adapt to any motorcycle or scooter and ride every single two-wheeler to the max.

We reckon it won’t be long until we see the ugly looking thing on the racing track, despite the fact that it can’t yet balance without assistance.

See the video after the jump.

PS: Remember how we always use to say that the rider is the weak link when testing a supersport motorcycle? Well, this is not the case.

Source: autoblog

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Rod  (825) posted on 07.25.2009

Flossie should go for ride on roads or the race track.smiley

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