Two companies from Chine (Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc. and Wuxi Angell) announced today to have joined forces in their common goal of developing an electric hybrid motorcycle that will further be produced for export. The idea at the base of the entire project is utilizing cells previously used for mining equipment.

The electric hybrid motorcycle will be sold around the world given to the fact that all of the requirements were completed, the only thing remaining to arrive being the actual motorcycle.

Advanced Battery Technologies produces rechargeable polymer lithium-ion battery cells which find their place on electronics so this company’s contribution is decisive. They had the duty of dealing with the undesirable weight, low volume capacity and impractical size and development continues.

Germany has already validated the idea and looks forward on importing the product this very same year as well as the rest of Europe

The United States will first market Wuxi’s product through dealers in Miami, Houston, Detroit and L.A. also in 2008.

Mr. Zhiguo Fu, CEO at Advanced Battery Technologies, Inc says: "This hybrid electronic motorcycle uses our polymer lithium ion cells. These cells were initially designed for mining equipment, which is evidence of the flexibility of our underlying cell technology. Utilizing our cells, Wuxi is able to solve some key problems, including the need for larger battery volume, the difficulty of installing bulky lead-acid batteries, and the added weight that comes with it. With our cells, this hybrid motorcycle will reduce environmental pollution and save energy, another strong incentive for our relationship with Wuxi."

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