• Chinese replica of the Dodge Tomahawk

    Dodge Tomahawk Replica
  • Dodge Tomahawk Replica
  • Original Dodge Tomahawk

It turned everybody’s heads when it first rolled out with its 8.2 liter V10 engine and four-wheel configuration and it won’t make a shame of yourself now (at least if you go for the original). Yes, it is the Dodge Tomahawk, a 500 horsepower piece of machinery that was clearly destined for the rich and famous as it came with a $550,000 price tag.

But the Chinese thought it was not covering all those strategic points of the motorcycle market so they’ve created an unusually cheap replica, also called the Tomahawk. Only that this last is powered by a single-cylinder 150cc four-stroke engine which could only be best valued by a scooter transmission. This being given, the Chinese Tomahawk can hit 60 mph if you are lucky and it doesn’t disintegrate in the process Compared to the original Tomahawk’s 300 mph top speed, we would have to say that the little guys in China made a pretty lame move…again.

Thank God it isn’t street legal, but at $1,398 you will find enough people that will buy it just for fun and call the project profitable for the Chinese. Oh, and encourage them to do similar things in the future.

Chinese replica of the Dodge Tomahawk
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Original Dodge Tomahawk

Chinese replica of the Dodge Tomahawk
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Dodge Tomahawk Replica

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  (1) posted on 08.7.2008

Hopefully Dodge is not encouraged to do similar things in the future.

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