Innovation is a thing of great value in the motorcycle industry and it seems that many times small bike builders are the ones that amaze us most. This makes for a great example.

Rotec Engineering builds seven-cylinder radial engines and fits them on radical motorcycles for the rich and famous. They claim to have built 4 such engines which have already found their place on similar motorcycles.

A V8 is pretty hard to be fitted on a motorcycle, but how about an airplane motor? This last requires some serious frame bending and just enough ground clearance to call it capable of being ridden. But the guys at Rotec Engineering show everything is possible with vision and perseverance.

As you can see from the picture, this bike is still a project as the handlebars, front brakes and exhaust are missing, but there are good chances that we’ll be seeing it fly…rolling pretty soon. This difference between flying and rolling brings an important problem for the builder. On an airplane, the engine would be fitted transversally, something that offers efficient cooling, but the bike requires longitudinal engine fitting that doesn’t make those rear cylinder very happy.

But these are just details…the bike won’t be rode much, but it will surely win some awards.

Source: thekneeslider

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