• Chris Pratt’s Triumph Jurassic World Scrambler Sells For £28,000

One of three Triumph Scramblers used in the filming of Jurassic World has been auctioned for a tidy sum of £28,000. That’s about $44,000 based on current exchange rates. It didn’t exactly fetch the $60,000 I thought it would, but given its association with Chris Pratt and the movie that just grossed $1.6 billion worldwide, I’d say that whoever won it for under $50,000 just scored a bargain price relative to how much it could cost in the future.

Unlike most high-class auctions we report on these pages, the Jurassic World Scrambler was actually auctioned off on eBay, which is a little surprising considering the stature of this particular motorcycle. But I hardly think the lucky winner of the auction is complaining about his huge score. Of the three Triumph Scramblers that were used in Jurassic World, this is the only one that was put up in the auction market. Pratt owns one of the other two while the other Scrambler is sitting comfortably inside Triumph’s museum in the UK.

The best thing about this auction is that proceeds from the sale will be sent directly to the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, Triumph Motorcycles’ official charity partner. According to the British motorcycle brand, the proceeds the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride will receive will go directly to relief and research towards finding a cure for prostate cancer.

Only time will tell if the other two Scramblers will hit the market, but for now, the lucky winner of the Jurassic World Scrambler auction can take comfort knowing that he’s the only one in the world in possession of a customized Triumph Scrambler that ran along side a pack of raptors.

Not a bad story to tell the kids, huh?

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Why it matters

Part of me is a little disappointed that the Triumph Jurassic World Scrambler only fetched $44,000 in the auction. My conservative estimate for the winning bid was somewhere in the $60,000 range so imagine my surprise when news broke that it didn’t even reach $50,000.

That said, another part of me is a little jealous of the lucky winning bidder who could be sitting on a goldmine of a celebrity bike, especially if its value appreciates sharply in the coming years. A lot of things have to happen before that can happen, including the trajectory of Pratt’s career moving forward and more importantly, how the movie ages from here.

Based on the initial reception of the movie, I’m convinced that Jurassic World will go down end up becoming a classic, maybe even more than Jurassic Park, the groundbreaking first instalment of the dinosaur movie franchise.

What the owner should carefully follow is how Pratt’s career moves from here. Right now, the actor’s stock in Hollywood is the highest it’s ever been. If he keeps making the right movies, Pratt could very well end up being this generation’s Marlon Brando or Steve McQueen. If that happens, the Triumph Jurassic World Scrambler that just sold for $44,000 could turn into a real fortune.

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