Rise to the challenge of the Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) Posse Ride: Great American Adventure and become part of the legend. This 18-day cross-country journey July 13-30, 2007, blazes a 3,200-mile trail through the heartland of the United States.

Throw a leg over a Harley-Davidson motorcycle in Wilmington, Del., with the rest of the Posse and prepare for some serious saddle time. Answer the call of the long, open road as the ride heads along the historic Lincoln Highway (US 30) past the lush, green Appalachian Mountains and through Gettysburg to Greensburg, Pa.

Continuing west on the Lincoln Highway, head over the Ohio River and into the "Buckeye State" where a scenic detour through Dover, Ohio, takes riders past the area’s famed Amish country. Riding through the Great Plains it will feel as if the world truly is flat before this band of enthusiasts rolls into Fort Wayne, Ind., for the night.

With nothing blocking the view of the horizon, focus on the quiet back roads that bypass the great concrete jungles of Chicago and Joliet, Ill. Where the roar of the Mississippi River can be heard over the rumble of a Harley-Davidson, riders will find Dubuque, Iowa, nestled on the banks. Dismount and spend the rest of the day exploring the culture and history of this "river town."

Heading north to Duluth, Minn., trace either side of the river on the Great River Road, where the bluffs lining both sides of the Mississippi provide many great scenic overlooks. Cruising into Duluth, park the Harley and spend an extra day exploring the town’s attractions, many of which are within walking distance.

Crossing through Minnesota, the "Land of 10,000 Lakes," will provide a sparkling backdrop as the road leads participants through the Chippewa National Forest and on to Fargo, N.D., the "Gateway to the West."

The call of the open road and the wide open plains of North Dakota beckon the Posse westward towards Dickinson, N.D., home to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. An extra day in Dickinson provides ample opportunity to explore the park, North Dakota’s answer to the South Dakota Badlands.

Soon the Great Plains will be nothing but a distant memory as the stunning gorges, dry creek beds and scenic mesas of Montana welcome travelers to Billings. A true "Western" town, Billings embodies the independent spirit of the American West.

The next leg of the journey, to Missoula, Mont., offers a wide range of scenic routes through the pine-covered national forests, across babbling streams and on challenging switchbacks through the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Ride over the Bitterroot Range via the 5,235-foot Lolo Pass and onto U.S. Highway 12 in Idaho, following the twists and turns of the Lochsa River across northern Idaho. In Washington the road winds another 100 miles into Kennewick, Wash.

With 200 miles left on the trail, follow along the Columbia River Gorge all the way to Oregon. Once in Oregon, keep an eye out for the snow-capped Mt. Hood dominating the view to the south. The final destination of this adventure is Portland, Ore., the place where the first H.O.G. Posse formed ten years ago.

Local Harley-Davidson dealers in each stop on the route will be hosting dealer parties. The public is welcome. Dates, times and locations vary. Registration is open to all H.O.G. members beginning February 28, 2007. Event capacity is limited to 800 people. Cost is $500 plus $7 shipping and handling per person for the event package.

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