• Confederate Motorcycles touted to release a new Hellcat in 2020

And the concept shown sees a Harley-Davidson FXDR custom chopped

After being revived by venture capital fund Ernest Lee Capital, the “Confederate Motorcycles LLC” will be manufacturing high end, extremely high-powered, big V-twin motorcycles in Birmingham, AL, all over again. The firm continues to sell the last remaining Confederate P-51 Combat Fighters and FA-13 Combat Bombers.

New information that first got traction back in 2018 was the production of a brand new Hellcat model. The brains at the Confederate shop were picked on to refurbish the all-new Harley-Davidson FXDR as the basis for the new Hellcat machine. Our friend Wade Thiel had the opportunity to sit across Ernest Lee, of Ernest Lee Capital, to give us the bigger picture.

The FXDR 114 gets the biggest of the Milwaukee-Eight 114 engines with 1868cc, and it comes built around the new chassis architecture with the 240-section rear tire and a lightweight aluminum swingarm. For a “drag racer crossed with a fighter jet,” this was the obvious choice for Confederate to base heir new Hellcat model on.

Confederate Motorcycles touted to release a new Hellcat in 2020 Exterior
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This is the first time that Confederate has taken up this strategy to bring up a new model as “using an existing bike and all of their certification compliance,” is a more natural and easier way, which otherwise would be more expensive to everything from scratch.

The new Hellcat will be a modern machine through and through with standard ABS on offer. If Confederate had to self-certify this tech onto their machine, it is quite obviously a costly affair. Lee says “It’s expensive. ABS would cost me about $120,00 on a model, and that’s only good on that model, so if I change the weight or something, I have to re-certify.”

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2020 Confederate hellcat 2020 Harley-Davidson FXDR 114

Lee approved this strategy in order to bring in a new customer base to the company with more affordable options, unlike the previous models that cost anywhere between $90,000 and $120,000. This way, Confederate could build machines that were affordable and yet carried all the tech, just like the FXDR ($ 21,349).

This power cruiser comes with a handful of weight-reduction elements, including an aluminum swingarm and plenty of carbon-fiber bits. The stretched fuel tank exclusive to the FXDR as well as the race-inspired chin fairing has been swapped with a carbon-fiber units, bringing the mass of the bike even lower.

Confederate Motorcycles rises back from the ashes
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Confederate Hellcat Speedster

The rear sub-frame carrying the saddle has been completely revamped to carry a floating saddle that gives it a Bobbed appeal. The exhaust unit sees the optional Screamin’ Eagle Titanium Performance slip-on muffler, Screamin’ Eagle Air Cleaner Kit and the Screamin’ Eagle Pro Street Tuner.

The new Hellcat will also probably carry a smaller motor than the 2163cc air/oil-cooled triple-camshaft V-twin of the previous models. It will run on similar terms like the 1868cc Milwaukee-Eight 114 DOHC motor pulling out a commendable 90 hp and 119 lb-ft peak torque. The power unit will also likely borrow the 6-Speed Cruise Drive Transmission and a slip and assist clutch providing the rider smooth shifting of gears that help in maintaining fatigue-free long rides.

Confederate Motorcycles rises back from the ashes
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Confederate X-132 Hellcat

Other stuff taken off the FXDR will be keyless ignition, USB charge port, 240 mm rear tire, aluminum 18”/19” wheels, adjustable monoshock rear suspension, 43mm USD forks, dual 300mm front discs clutched by dual-piston calipers, and a 292mm single disc with a single-piston caliper at the rear.

The new Hellcat model will be followed by a new Fighter and Wraith thereafter. Each of them will be available in several customizable configurations, and we could see the first Hellcat sometime later this year.

Source: Wind Burned Eyes

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