The phrase “urban commuter” has been thrown around more times than I care to count. While the phrase does apply in some cases, there are times when it feels like its being used a little too generously. Then there’s Coolpeds, an enterprising company that has found a way to marry the idea of a portable ride with a product that does just that.

To be fair, the premise of a luggage scooter isn’t entirely new. We’ve seen a number of products in the market in the past few years that have promoted the same thing. But what makes Coolpeds different is how it was able to use an electric motor to power the scooter, enabling owners to just stand comfortably as the scooter whizzes along to take them to their destination. No more of trying to move around using your feet because Coolpeds’ Briefcase Electric Scooter already does it for you.

The Briefcase Electric Scooter functions exactly how it’s named. It’s basically a functioning suitcase that can be used to carry your personal items, be it clothes, shoes, or whatever gadget needs transporting. But when time becomes a little bit of a problem, the Briefcase Electric Scooter can be converted into a motorized scooter and thanks to a discrete lithium ion battery-powered brushless motor hidden in its rear wheel, the scooter is capable of reaching speeds in excess of 12 mph and traveling up to 6.2 miles on a single charge.

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Why it matters

Coolpeds’ Briefcase Electric Scooter is basically an updated take on previous luggage-scooters we’ve seen hit the market in recent years. I’ve always been a fan of these things, even though I admit to getting a little squeamish when I hear about how much these things cost. In the interest of full disclosure, I cringed when I saw the price tag attached to the Briefcase Electric Scooter.

If you take that small element out, the Briefcase Electric Scooter looks like a home run of an idea, which probably explains why Coolpeds has a patent pending on the design of the item.

The Briefcase Electric Scooter can be used anywhere, including in school, in the office, and for travel. You also don’t have to worry about using the scooter in airports because its got dimensions that are accepted by most airlines as a carry-on case. It’s weight - 17.4 pounds - might be a little bit of a problem, but if you don’t put too much on the suitcase, then it should still be good to be accepted as a carry-on case.

Ok, now we get to the price. Coolpeds is currently selling the Briefcase Electric Scooter at a price of $599 for the standard model. There’s also a special model available that comes with solar panels. That one retails for $699. By comparison, the Olaf 4-in-1 Scooter came with a price of $340 while the Micro Luggage Scooter was priced at $250.

If you can stomach paying double the amount for the Briefcase Electric Scooter, then go ahead and make the splurge. Otherwise, well, I’ll leave the choice up to you.

Source: Coolpeds

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