I’ve talked to many motorcycle lovers in my lifetime and I’ve found out that of all the bikes that have been built in recent years, none divides people more than the Can-Am Spyder. To be clear, it’s not really a bike in every sense of the word. It’s a tricycle, or trike for short. But people seem to be divided on the Can-Am Spyder. It’s the kind of vehicle that either triggers passionate support or intense disdain.

That said, aftermarket motorcycle seat specialist Corbin knows what side it’s on. The firm known for developing some of the plushest seats in the world has come up with a new product specifically for the latest iteration of the Can-Am Spyder: the Spyder F3.

As most custom seats are likely to do, Corbin’s new creation is an elegant two-up seat that perfectly captures the unique spirit of the Spyder F3. The seat itself comes with Corbin’s signature Fibertech base pan, a tried-and-tested material Corbin has been known to use to improve the stability of all of its products.

There’s more to Corbin’s new seat for the Can-Am Spyder F3 than fancy materials and attention to comfort. And for all that you’re getting, you’re going to need to pay quite a pretty penny to get it for your Spyder F3 units. The base price for Corbin’s new seat hits $699 and can go all the way up to $853 for the top-of-the-line version that comes with a unique heater feature.

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Why it matters

I’ve ridden a Can-Am Spyder in the past and I’ll be the first to tell you that it’s a pretty cool experience, especially when it comes to navigating around traffic with so many people staring you. But I do think that the vehicle’s seat isn’t its most flattering feature. That’s not to say that it’s horrible; it’s just that it could have been a tad bit better for my liking.

I haven’t had a chance to sit down on a Corbin seat, but I do know that the company’s well-established reputation is unquestioned. From the photos, the seat looks like a big improvement from the stock version. Corbin credits the use of a Closed Cell foam inside the seats. According to Corbin, his material has twice the usual firmness compared to traditional seats, making it more pleasurable to sit in than the standard lot.

More importantly, the Corbin seat doesn’t rob riders of the support and stability the standard versions provide. On the contrary, the noticeable back rest is also a welcome proposition, especially for riders like who require as much comfort from bike seats as possible.

On the aesthetic side, the Corbin seat was dressed up natural leather with a choice of colors and textures available on hand so you can customize its looks according to your whims and preferences.

I think there’s a lot of promise with Corbin’s new seat for the Can-Am Spyder F3, even though it does come at a great cost.

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