For all the talk surrounding a motorcycle’s aesthetics or its engine, comfort always seem to take a back seat - no pun intended - in the discussion of what a bike’s best feature is. Custom seat builder Corbin knows what it takes to develop a good seat; it’s latest product, built specifically for the Moto Guzzi California Vintage, is a testament to that.

Corbin’s new seat fits the California Vintage like a glove. The flowing shape blends nicely into the retro-inspired design of the bike, creating a nice and fluid consistency that doesn’t deviate away from the cruiser’s aesthetics. As far as comfort is concerned, Corbin also has that covered, thanks in large part to its ergonomically-cut Comfort Cell foam that sits right over a Fibertech basepan. The genuine leather cover hides all tech goodies, ensuring that the look remains consistent with the bike’s vintage design.

With the right accessory, you can even design the look of the seat depending on your taste and preference. The images show that you can opt for clean white leather side panels with colors of the Italian flag stitched into it for good measure. Corbin’s also offering heating features on the seat and a concealed mount on the saddle in case you want to avail of the optional backrest.

In standard configuration, the seat will cost you just under $500 for the standard version and a little over $650 for the added heating features.

The price is a little steep but good and comfortable seats are one of the most important parts of any bike. If it means that you can score a nice and plushy option, then it might be worth spending the cash to get it.

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Why it matters

I would understand if something like this doesn’t move the needle for some motorcycle riders, but there are also those who understand the value of comfortable seats, especially when they ride for long distances.

Like I said, a motorcycle seat is probably one of the most underrated parts of a motorcycle. Some riders shrug off its importance, opting instead to look at a bike’s design or its engine size as the most important parts of a bike.

But a bike having a good and comfortable seat is like a pair of sneakers having good cushioning for the foot. They’re not really sexy to highlight, but the serve their purpose and often times, a good seat is often the biggest difference between a rider enjoying his and a rider who gives up on easily.

So give some credit to Corbin for taking advantage of this all-too important element of a motorcycle and making good business out of it. Besides, it’s not like Corbin’s offering some fluff; those Comfort Cell foams and Fibertech basepans really do sound innovative. Chances are, they’re pretty comfortable, too.

Source: Corbin

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