• Could Triumph’s New Enduro and MX Bikes Look Like This?

It’s likely they will, but that doesn’t make this any less interesting!

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It’s only someone’s mock-up, but is this what the Triumph Enduro and MX bikes could look like?

Is This What The Triumph Enduro and MX Bikes Will Look Like?

Could Triumph's New Enduro and MX Bikes Look Like This?
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It might only be a mock-up that someone has done in their spare time and has nothing to do with Triumph officially, but it is very likely that this is what the new Triumph MX and Enduro bikes will look like.

To be honest, it’s no surprise: how else did you think they were going to look? The recipe for such bikes is pretty much set, certainly in terms of appearance and general layout. The real interest will come from the engine. Of course, it will be a single-cylinder available in a range of displacements but it will be interesting to see what Triumph has done to shift the goalposts.

This is the most interesting development in motorcycling since Harley Davidson announced the Pan America adventure bike. It’s not often that a manufacturer takes a sharp left turn but it’s significant that those that have, have succeeded. Look at BMW with the S1000RR superbike and the aforementioned Harley, although we’ll have to wait for a while to see if that will re-write the rules and become a new class standard.

As far as I’m concerned, anything that shakes up the status quo is a good thing. Given Triumph’s previous form in succeeding at whatever they put their minds to doing, there’s no reason to doubt that this new venture will be anything other than a success. You certainly can’t see them doing it unless they knew they could compete on level terms with the established leaders of the pack.

2022 can’t come quickly enough!

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