The word is out that the Italians form Café Racers and Superbikes are undergoing a café racer project based on an approximately 2 liters big S&S X-Wedge engine. Performance is clearly what they aim for and the Marvic wheels, Brembo brakes as well as the large diameter Ceriani inverted fork also show that, but in a kind of American way considering the fact that this thing will weigh around 410 pounds dry.

Although not that revealing, these early images show the single tube backbone frame and single sided swingarm that will most likely end up on the bike.

Now this is a concept of which any builder in the United States would be proud of, but, according to the latest information we have, the industry’s tendency here is towards hybrid two-wheeled vehicles. Despite the fact that US builders carry on with their “routine”, aren’t we spotting a complete U-turn on both continents?

CR&S to build Café Racer Around S&S X-Wedge engine
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Source: kneeslider

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