The Crossbow is built on a tube frame and covered with a fiberglass body. The engine sits up front and drives a reversing gearbox. The rear wheel is currently belt driven but they may go with a chain depending on testing. A single 20×10 wheel in the back carries a BF Goodrich radial, front wheels are 17×7 also running BFG tires.

The transmission is the standard 6 speed and all controls are in the standard motorcycle configuration with twist throttle, left hand clutch and foot shift. They were careful to follow both Canadian and U.S. regulations for a 3 wheeled vehicle to make registration as easy as possible.

The whole unit weighs just 980 pounds and two months of road and track testing show 0-60 in 4.43 sec., quarter mile in 12.57 sec. They’re pretty happy with how everything works and handles but want to do a bit of restyling before launching the final product. They anticipate a launch sometime next year with price somewhere around $30,000 USD.


  • Power: 1100 cc, DOHC, 4-stroke, 16 valve, 140hp, liquid cooled.
  • Cooling: Racing radiator with electric fan.
  • Transmission: 6 speed sequential
  • Suspension: Racing coil over shock combination
  • Tires: BF Goodrich g-Force T/A KDW - 17" front and 20" rear
  • Weight: 980lbs
  • Length: 134 in.
  • Height: 55 in.
  • Width: 56 in.
  • Fuel Capacity: 8 US gallons
  • 0-60 mph: 4.43 sec
  • ¼ mile: 12.57 sec
  • Braking: 30 - 0 mph, 31.5 ft.

Source: The Kneeslider

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  (6023) posted on 11.14.2006

We’re ’about to enter a recession’? Maybe... *IF* the Democrats do the usual thing.

I agree, why does everyone shoot for the ’exotic’ market, but ignore the concept of making a decent reverse trike for an average price.

No way I’d buy this thing, if I had that money to blow on this (or any other RT’s of similiar makeup) - I’d get a car that I’d be able to haul at least SOME cargo, had A/C, and kept me dry...

  (6023) posted on 11.13.2006

It looks great.

Are you custom manufacturing you front end or which one are you using.


  (6023) posted on 11.12.2006

I should explain how to make the price more reasonable.
Use the Korean made 90 degree V twin engine , which is a copy of the Susuki SV 650.
I forgot the name of it at this time.
Or buy the bike minus the front end from the Korean Mgf.
That would lower the cost substantially, from using a 1100 cc Kawasaki.
Then use less expensive front end parts.
I could be done, the one who does this will have the market share.
A 650 cc model will be fun enough in the canyons .
It does need to be stretched out enough for a rear passenger, and some storage, a soft top for the winter, and a tow hitch for pulling a motorcycle trailer.
Do what I mention here you will have customers.

  (6023) posted on 11.11.2006

We are about to enter a 2 or more year recession here in America, the people who bought the expensive custom motorcycles are no longer going to be able to afford them, let alone buy something else for $30,000.
It is great to finally see three wheel cycles entering the market, however they will have to be sold for $ 8,000 up to $ 15,000, any more $ and there will be very few buyers.
I have been waiting years for these, too bad they are not being made for under $ 8K .

  (6023) posted on 09.27.2006

At $30,000 I won’t be in line to buy it.

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